About Art is Art ...

We host the work of creative people around the world. Our purpose is to publicize, advertise, display, promote and sell Creative Work over the Web.

There are many Art oriented sites on the Web. (Check out some of the Sites listed in our Creative Links page. You will find a variety of extraordinary Computer Art Web Pages!). Most of the art oriented sites specialize on computer graphics, 3D computer art, special effects, computer animation etc. AiA includes other creative areas on their Web Site, such as: paintings, sculptures, drawings, industrial design, landscaping, photography, even cooking, architecture or business and, of course, some specially creative Web Sites! We believe that any creativity is worth to be published over the Net!

What is all this Creativity doing on the AiA Site ?

By promoting this page, we hope to be contacted by many creative people of all sorts and places. Whether painters, cooks, gardeners, designers or computer freaks, we utilize the material they will provide us (text, pictures, negatives, JPEG or GIF files etc.) to develop an individual presentation over the Web, just for you!
We create your personal Web Page within AiA which will include your story as well as thumbnail and full screen reproduction of your work. This page will contain the information you desire to publish, leaving the privacy where it belongs: "Chez-vous..." . Your fans can browse through your interactive web page, a professionally assembled document that will please most of us (well, nobody is perfect).
We will provide you with your personal CD-ROM containing a Slide-Show of your complete work and a copy of your home page . This media could come in handy the day you accidentally stumble over Mr. Art Galeris on 5th avenue's Internet Cafe! Anyhow, its handier to travel around with a CD, leaving the priceless originals at home, in a secure place... See the conditions concerning this offer.
We will maintain regularly contact with Art Galleries connected to Internet, wherever they might be, keeping them informed on new or unknown artists around the world.
Every month AiA will choose an Artwork of the month selected by a panel of professionals. It will be highlighted on the AiA NEWS page.
In the near future AiA will subscribe to over 530 Internet Search Engines . Let the world you're here! Anyone searching the Net with keywords such as Art - Creativity - Creative Art -  Photo - Graphics etc., will somehow sooner or later stumble over http://www.artisart.com and your Home Page. Swell...
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